Privacy Policy used by Veterans Day USA to respect its users.

Privacy Policy

1. Do we collect user information?

Yes we ( collect user information.

2. What kind of information we collect?

We collect and keep users essential data (username, email, and password) those who enrolled in our membership or signup process. We collect data (email address) of users who joined our subscription list of blog post or newsupdates via feedburner. We also keep record of data of people those participated in our giveaway by submitting their email addresses.

3. Do we keep it private?

Yes, we keep all our users data (mentioned in number 2) private.

4. Is any 3rd party has access to user data?

We are using Google and some of their partners programs for various purposes,

  • We use Google analytics to measure users flow on our site along their geographical location of city and their behaviour on our site to enchance users experience.
  • Google feedburner to manage email subscribers.
  • Google Adsense to serve you the most relevant and safe advertisement to you.
  • In case you wanted to opt out and want to stop Google to keep record of your activity by using Dart Cookies, etc. please go to Google Advertising and Privacy Policy for further information.

5. By visiting our site, by default user is accepting our privacy policies.