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Tax Day 2017 - Tax Day Freebies 2017, Specials & Deals

Know about best of tax day freebies 2017, offers, mcdonalds tax day specials 2017, subways, restaurant deals, food, free stuff, and other tax day deals 2017 and coupons specially for 18th february.

What is Tax Day?

Tax day is a holiday celebrated in United States usually on 15th April of every year, the date by which US citizens must file their tax returns.

When is Tax Day 2017?

Tax day 2017 is on Monday, 17th April 2017. There are   remaining until deadline to the last date to file tax returns of year 2016.

When are taxes due 2017

You know there is something wrong with this country when you see people who work hard have most or all of their hard earn money taken away by the government pigs only to be distributed to the welfare leeches for them to buy drugs and alcohols or to finance some multi-trillion dollar wind generator project through "stimulus" package. Morality does not exist in the government we are having right now.

Trickle down doesn't trickle. If it did, Republicans would still be in power. Face it, Corporate whores like the Heritage Foundation have people like you for useful idiots.

@haypenny Get out of my country you unamerican nazi. Live in China to get one of those outsourced jobs the rich maggots of this country have outsourced. Oh check out welfare reform, pretty much refutes your hatred toward others directly on point as well.

what day are taxes due in 2017

@robertmike57 Dems are just at bat in the usual cycle of democrats to GOP and so on every 4-8 years thanks to Americas dislike of incumbents. Thanks to the grass roots conservative movement, which is 10-20 million members strong, the republicans will likely take over the house and senate, and likely the white house down the road. The American people are fed up with the deadline to file taxes 2017 and handouts and spending. The statistics and elite aristocracy in Washington thank you for being a mindless sheep.

It's amazing. Less than a year after this video was made the national debt is 2 trillion dollars greater. Frightening facts.

@MrConservative1776 To blindly give the GOP another chance to do what they never did, shows you have the same victim like complex a battered woman does when she keeps returning to her abusive husband. How many times do you insist on getting fooled by the same people? You stand for conservative values, as little as Ivan the Terrible stood for advancements in human rights.

Tax due date 2017

@RADAREALIST The issue that "conservatives," Republicans and republican Tea people think is the problem with Obama and Democrats. And that is the National Debt. The facts: Reagan 1.9 Trillion; HW Bush: 1.5; Clinton: 1.4; GW Bush 6.4; Obama: 2.4. Last 30 years of added National Debt: Democratic Party Presidents: 3.8 Trillion Dollars. Republican Party Presidents: 9.8 Trillion Dollars Nothing "conservative" about the nearly 10 Trillion GOP/conservative created debt problem.

What is tax due date 2017

@danwk7 Shame you've been brainwashed with that garbage : A government that governs least governs best. Guess you love murderers like Don Blankenship, he got less government, families of miners got dead husbands and fathers. of course, that's just one example proving you wrong, there's a million more.

@robertmike57 WTF are you foaming at the mouth about? For any nation, neighborhood, home, etc. to prosper - you need more makers than takers. More producers than distributors.You want more welfare than jobs? Successful Business = more jobs = less welfare = more prosperity = more businesses = more jobs, etc. It's called the free market, and it works. Socialism has never worked. BTW, jobs get outsourced when it becomes too costly for businesses to keep jobs here - because of oppressive deadline to file taxes 2017.

@MrConservative1776 Are you trying to be as wrong as possible on purpose or on accident? Sure Republicans THINK tax day freebies 2017 cuts only work when they do it. And where were you during the borrow and spend reign of the Bush era MrConservative? Silent along with the rest of your kind I would imagine. Being for fiscal responsibility and a Republican at the same time is like a heterosexual man joining the Village People, they just don't mix.

Income tax due date 2017

@robertmike57 All of the 'income' of the non-working poor comes from taxpayers. Everything the poor spends was money they didn't earn.Welfare money is someones else's money.The poor are not creating wealth, producing anything, or elevating themselves out of poverty.They remain on welfare generation after generation.Robbing Peter to pay Paul has never observed free tax day in 2017 been wise economic policy. If you believe paying sales tax day 2017 irs & rent with money generated by someone else is comparable, you're the one who's stupid.

@danwk7 Yes there is a difference. You have to look at the candidate's fiscal record and pay attention to what he says for any liberal slips, he he. Fortunately, it's not just conservatives who are FED up [pun intended] - it's Independents, Libertarians and old school Democrats too.Far left loons like Malloy and their little soldiers like Bobby are a teeny minority of smelly zombies who soil themselves watching MSNBC in their mom's basement.Take care sweetie! I'll meet you at the ballot box. :)

@robertmike57 Do you know what fascism is? and what is tax filing deadline 2017?

Tax extension due date 2017

@robertmike57 tax filing deadline 2017 has almost arrived and, Many jobs are outsourced because contractors and employers cannot afford to pay union wages. Many employers also struggle to comply with the guidelines and penalties the government puts on them, so they move elsewhere. A government that governs least governs best.

@haypenny Don't sweat it haypenny, they just haven't seen the "conservative light" yet lol.

@PatriotWatchUSA Then at the end of 2010, the national debt will be 15 trillion or you will be confirmed a liar. And why would voting for the Republicans fix any of this? And no mention of 95% of Americans getting a Tax Day Deals 2017 cut. Or are tax day specials 2017, cuts only good when the Republicans do it?

@danwk7 Yes, they make everyone feel icky down there. That's why their ratings are so bad. lol!

@danwk7 The best way the GOP can show they're truly for small government is to go after right wing forms of big government like waste and fraud in military spending and the failed drug war. Until then, we have no reason to believe in their leadership.

Last day to file taxes 2017

No one likes paying or filing taxes 2017. But I like hospitals/schools/Firefighters/Police officers/ Public transport/ Child benefits/ Roads/ Care homes/ National Parks/ The coastguard. So I pay them anyway. Also, people in the USA whine about deadline to file taxes 2017, yet compared to many European countries, you have it lucky! What is your sales tax- 6.5%? 7%? Uk's is 20 %! If you want to get rid of the deficit, cut the non essential spending like the bloated military wars, and raise last date to file 2017 taxes, don't cut them, whats the point?!

@robertmike57 Hmmmm. Nazi Germany sure did govern a a lot. So did communist Russia and china. Of course those are just 3 of the most murderous regimes in world history proving you wrong, there's a million more. Bottom line is, personal liberty and freedom to make and spend your money the way you want are key to a prosperous society. Check history of US income

2017 Tax Deadline

@haypenny God, does it hurt to be so stupid? EVERYONE PAYS irs tax forms 2017! Try buying a car without paying sales tax day 2017. Renting an apartment means you're indirectly paying property tax, when are tax due. You pay and meet deadline for filing taxes, up your car at a gas station. The rich benefit in all sorts of ways for how the government provides services and goods to make them richer. They aren't paying their fair share.

@haypenny Yea I know right lol. I can't wait for the up coming elections, so we can kick all of the statistics and the progressive elites out and replace them with some real conservatives. I won't vote republican though, I will vote conservative. I think there is a pretty big difference.

@danwk7 Actually, Alinsky's Son wrote many letters of encouragement to Obama during the campaign and after. [Also, he was endorsed by the Communist Party of America] You can find them on the net if you search for Alinsky quotes...

I laugh at people who think the big evil corporations are the source of all that is wrong in the world. Liberals bitch about special interests, and lobbyists for these corporations ruining their big beautiful government. If the government had less power in the first place, lobbyists would'nt have the pull that they do. And you can always boycott a corporation, there's no getting away from the government.

@robertmike57 What he is talking about last day to file taxes 2017 from his income. The rich pay an insanely disproportionate amount of the filing taxes 2017. It is un-democratic to have a majority of people vote on how a minority of people spend their money, or how much of it they have to pay in deadline to file taxes 2017. Not all rich people are greedy $ evil, and people who make 200,000 a year that own a small business, ya know, the people who create the most jobs, are struggling as it is to get by. Lower last date to file 2017 taxes for the "rich" and it will trickle down.

The wreckless spending is on the fascist right wing whack jobs being done by the under taxed rich destroying this country

Source? Check out the economist's article on effective in 2017's last day to file tax rates and add state/local from there.

@robertmike57 Hahahahaha you are kidding. Obama will spend in 2 OVER what Bush did in 8. Wake up fuit

@MrConservative1776 If the GOP had the answers, they they would have not got voted out on their asses in 2006 and 2008. If you're conservative and voting for the GOP then you vote is a 100% waste. The trillion or so we borrowed on the Iraq war is an issue. By you saying otherwise you prove you're not a real conservative. I for one want to assure maximum GOP losses so we don't make such a huge mistake with our filing taxes 2017 dollars another time.

Federal tax due date 2017

What a great use of our filling tax dollars in 2013 and 2017. Remember almost half of the people in this country don't even pay when is the last day to file 2017 taxes, and are more dependent on the federal gov't.

@ilikenoodles1 fascist may may inaccurate, although the Republicans seem far more interested in trashing personal liberties than Democrats. Corporatism with it's rampant corrupting of government better describes the malignant rich destroying the middle class that have arose over the last 35 years better describes who Heritage sells their services to.

A fair last date to file 2017 taxes Now!

@danwk7 And why would the American people support the Republican party when they've done nothing to regain the trust they lost? Do you think they're for real or just pretend to act for fiscal responsibility only as a means to dupe people for their votes and get back in power?

List of Tax day freebies 2017

@MrConservative1776 and if you were truly conservative you would be supporting a 3rd you? I'm against the GOP because I don't want my dollars I paid in tax filling 2017 going to pay for wars I never agreed with, or tax filling 2017 cuts on the most richest of Americans. Surely you can't blame me can you?

@haypenny I guess I would classify myself as a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian, to a degree. I think being a total libertarian would result in quite a bit of chaos. And honestly, I cant even bring my self to watch MSNBC pundits without my eyes exploding, for every one minute of olbermann or maddow I need to read the constitution 5 times just to feel clean again.

@haypenny Saul Alinsky would be proud of Obama and Pelosi if he were around today. Socialists of america unite \:(

@danwk7 He likely won't - For them it's not about freedom, history, economics, or even common sense. It's about envy, blame, lies & hatred. [And complete moon-battery]. We call 'em drones. I wouldn't waste anymore time on Bobby - he's a Mike Malloy drone. If you don't know who Malloy is- he's the most vile, hateful, obtuse leftist in radio.He enjoys calling for the deaths of conservatives and spreads propaganda like the most devout Bolshevik. But watch out for those 'violent' Tea Baggers! LOL.

@robertmike57 I would argue that the overspending is very bi partisan. Go to the treasury website for details and graphs, it will give you a good idea of how much and whom.

@danwk7 Never Again.

@haypenny Doesn't surprise me at all... If you look at Obama's mentors and associates, they are all far left extremists. This is some scary shit we have gotten ourselves into, hes a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Groovy vid. Maybe the Obama Youth will actually allow it to permeate their thick skulls.

America is the first nation with armed slaves lol.

Everything in this video is a great reason to vote the Neocons out of existence. (which whom ironically the Heritage Foundation is one of their front groups) I was against the national debt increasing to pay for the bullshit Iraq war or when is tax day 2017 cuts for the rich. So why are the same people now whining about the national debt? Why should anyone trust them? The only point made here is we need a 3rd party, not a return to the failed GOP who won't solve any of what's mentioned in this video or in this due date

And there are actually people happy that health care is "free" now. What no foreign nation could do in war from the outside, the liberals have done from the inside.

When are federal tax due date 2017

Every dollar sent to the government is less freedom for us. The number they quoted did not include state, county, and city, April 15 tax day deals. Licenses, fees, permits, sales tax......... National Taxpayers Union estimates we are working for the government until the middle of August when you include everything,

@robertmike57 The rich & middle class pay all the irs tax forms 2017.The poor pay none.Their deadline for filing taxes in 2017 pay for all of the social programs & welfare for the poor. Without the rich & middle class who provide the jobs and create the wealth, there would be no country. Right now we're broke because the taxpaying 53% of the country pays for the remainder non-taxpaying 47% - a dangerous ratio. If gov't makes the rich & middle classes poorer - it also makes the poor poorer. Try getting a job from a poor man.

When is tax due date 2017

@robertmike57 Your country? My father, grandfathers fought wars for your benefit. The owned businesses, provided jobs, gave to charities...ya know contributed to society. They grew up dirt poor, worked their asses off and made something of their lives. That's the American spirit. Class envy leeches like you are the ones who should leave. I want the poor to be rich - you just want the rich to be poor. Was Bill Gates born rich? No, but he's done more for the world than jealous tools like you. Go and read more about tax freedom

Good message from the video. People just want to support themselves and their own families with their own hard work and determination but the current fiscal and entitlement policies of the federal government prevent many people from doing so.

What is Tax Day 2017 Extension Date?

No, currently there is no Tax day extension date has announced. But it is possible. For example, recently in 2012, IRS Tax filing deadline extended to 17th April 2012 because 15th April was on Sunday and, Monday was Holiday in Washington, DC.

Tax Day Deals 2017

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tax day 2017

A Short Number Video About Tax Day Facts You Should Need To Know

[Transcript] Each year on April 15 american file taxes and the money is sent to Washington to fund more and more government programs. Taxes are a burden, leaving American with less money to save invest retire. Our fiscal policy is out of control. the tax code is now more than 20,000 pages. Americans spend 5 billion hours completing tax forms, each year. In 2010 average american worked from January 1 to April 9 just to pay their taxes. But despite all these taxes the national debt is $12 trillion and counting... Over the past 40 years the median american income rose by 29%. while federal spending rose by 242%. The 2011 budget adds $2.5 trillion to the deficit and borrows 42 cents of every $1 spent. the stimulus was supposed to create 3.5 million jobs but roughly 3.3 million jobs have been lost have been lost since its passage. And unemployment is still around 10%. We must reverse course, we can regain financial sanity by cutting spending reforming entitlements and lowering taxes.

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